Simon Golding

 Simon W. Golding is a best-selling and award-winning novelist, screenwriter and producer


Simon started writing for national magazines (Reader's Digest, Cosmopolitan, FHM, The Great Outdoors etc.) and local and national radio, including News Huddlines and Week Ending (BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 4).

The worldwide publication of Manquito (Minerva Press) in 1995 launched Simon as a fictional novelist.


Early in the writer’s career he became a playwright and had several plays produced by the Swan and Stourbridge Players, together with his absurdist play; Mannequin, winning a performance at the Edinburgh International Festival (1998).

 A move into non-fiction saw the publication of the revised edition of the world best-seller; Killing Time (Lion publishing) - foreword by Ludovic Kennedy. Simon followed this up with his celebrated best-seller; Life After Kes (GET Publishing 2007) - foreword by Michael Winner. The book, which received national praise, surrounded Ken Loach’s gritty northern classic Kes. The paperback version was launched by Apex Publishing Ltd, with the foreword written by TV presenter Melanie Sykes. A BBC documentary surrounding the book was part of the Inside Out series.

Simon, who wrote the screenplay, is currently in production with international crime thriller; Cold Sun. It stars Patrick Bergin, Stephen Berkoff, Leslie-Anne Down, Jamie Forman, Shaun Williamson and Rita Tushingham.

The writer also penned a comedy/drama script, co-written with his good friend and long-term writing partner; TV presenter Melanie Sykes - Bern & Glo. The writing pair are also working on a new fictional novel called Northern Lights.

Simon’s last two non-fiction books both received great reviews. The first, Thursday's Child (DB Publishing), is a true adventure novel surrounding entrepreneur extraordinaire and aviation record holder, Mike Kendrick. Foreword by Sir Richard Branson.

The second was a controversial book surrounding the murder of 13-year-old newspaper boy Carl Bridgewater in 1978 - Scapegoat for Murder: The Truth About the Killing of Carl Bridgewater. DB Publishing launched the book in June 2016. The novel was adapted into a multi-award-winning Channel 4 documentary; Interview With a Murderer by ITN Productions - presented by top criminologist; Professor David Wilson.

Simon has also written and co-producing a comedy pilot, For the Love of Ella. It stars Ewen MacIntosh, Lucy Drive, Alex Reid, Danny Peacock, Bobby Ball, Françoise Pascal, Bruce Jones, Valerie Leon and Helen Lederer.  

He has recently completed a sitcom pilot, as part of a 10-part series; Joan, which will star actress/impressionist/presenter; Francine Lewis.

The writer also collaborated on a one-woman show; Helen Lederer ask...WTF? (Why The Fuss?). The sell-out show opened on 9th May 2014 at the St James Theatre, Westminster.

The writer has also appeared in shows Saturday Live, Friday Night Live, Friday Night Clive, Tellystacks, The Culture Show, No 73, Rough Cut and Ready Dubbed and The Time, The Place.

Simon Golding is also a director and organiser of the established prestigious Bridgnorth Music and Arts Festival, which raises money for many local and national charities.

Simon is also a presenter and chairman for the soon-to-be-launched radio station; The Valley Radio. Simon will present various art shows. He is also Media Columnist for worldwide magazine; CVH 1st Class.

The author is also a seasoned campaigner for miscarriages of justice and works for free for several campaigns.




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Echoes of the horrific killing of 13-year-old newspaper boy, Carl Bridgewater, in the Midlands, rumble on after nearly 40 years. Four men were convicted of the crime in 1979 and set free by the Court of Appeal in 1997. But who did do it?

Scapegoat For Murder dissects and examines the old evidence and introduces new alarming facts about the case. No stone is left unturned as one dramatic twist follows another like an Agatha Christie novel. So who did murder the young paperboy?



Written with Mike Kendrick:


Thursday’s Child is a warts and all tale which places a Black Country lad under the microscope and we discover how he achieved success - including becoming Sir Richard Branson’s business partner for over twenty years!

It is a remarkable story of one man’s journey from a poor council house to the dizzy heights of success. If you are not crying at Mike Kendrick’s suffering - you will be laughing at his expense.