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Simon W. Golding

Scapegoat for Murder - The Murder of Carl Bridgewater

Scapegoat for Murder - The Murder of Carl Bridgewater

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Echoes of the horrific killing of 13-year-old newspaper boy, Carl Bridgewater, in the Midlands, rumble on after nearly 40 years. Four men were convicted of the crime in 1979 and set free by the Court of Appeal in 1997. But who did do it?

Less than a month after the four men were convicted of the murder at Yew Tree Farm, Bert Spencer blasted away his friend, Hubert Wilkes, owner of a neighbouring farm. The crime would forever link Spencer to the murder of young Carl Bridgewater.

Ever since the slaying of farmer Wilkes, ambulance liaison officer, Bert Spencer, has been a strong suspect and an easy target for the Bridgewater Four campaign bandwagon, spearheaded by Daily Mirror journalist, Paul Foot and Michael’s mother, Ann Whelan.

Against strict prison rules, in some of the toughest maximum security establishments in the UK, Spencer started a journal to prove his innocence. Following exhaustive research true crime author, Simon W. Golding, has uncovered new evidence to the mystery.

Scapegoat For Murder dissects and examines the old evidence and introduces new alarming facts about the case. No stone is left unturned as one dramatic twist follows another like an Agatha Christie novel. So who did murder the young paperboy?

About the Author

Simon W. Golding has been a professional novelist and scriptwriter for 20 years. Simon started off his career as a freelance journalist, moving into fiction and non-fiction books and most recently writing for the small and silver screen.

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