At JMD Media, we are always on the lookout for new authors and new titles to add to our range of books. We will consider all types of books, from fiction to non-fiction but our real strength is local interest, sport, (auto)biography and social history. Also, you may have already written a book which has now gone out of print. If you would like to get it back on sale and you have the rights to the book, we may be able to help you by republishing it.

If you click on each subject under the 'Genres' section of the 'Are you an Author?' tab, there is a breakdown of the types of book and the content needed. However before you look at this, take a minute or two to read on so that you understand what the book will look like and what you will need to provide to be an author with DB Publishing.

General Information:

Due to the changing nature of the book industry, DB Publishing now publish physical books as short run digital print titles only, as well as producing them in e-book format. All books are printed in the old ‘royal’ size (234mmx156mm) which is the size of a new hardback novel.

Advantages of digital printing:

  • Your book will never be out of print. As it is printed from digital files, the book will be available as long as we want it to be.
  • The book is printed and distributed by Marston Book Services - one of the foremost distributors in the UK to the whole UK book market as well as overseas customers.
  • With better global distribution channels via Amazon (amongst others), the book will be readily available across the world. As it can also be printed overseas, the cost of shipping the book to these overseas markets is no longer prohibitive.
  • The book will retain its value. As the book does not have large print runs, the book will never have any left-over stocks to go into the remainder market. The book will be selling at the same RRP in three years as it is on launch.
  • Speed. The book can be at the printers and ready to ship within a day or two of sending the book to press. This takes approx. 10 days out of the supply chain at the launch of the book.

Disadvantages of digital printing:

  • The book is printed as a black and white paperback. Any colour inside or a hardback cover will make the cost of the book prohibitive. If you wanted a hardback edition we could do this as a one off but obviously it will not be at a price that would sell in the general retail market. NB – the jacket will always be printed in full colour.
  • Because the book is not printed in large quantities, the unit cost is relatively high which has a knock on effect for the RRP. Depending on the number of pages of the book, the price will be a minimum of £12.99 but could be as high as £19.99.
  • If you wanted to order a lot of copies, or had a customer wanting to order a lot of copies (maybe a football club), then this could be arranged and the unit price / RRP could be reduced.

Supplying material

All material needs to be supplied by the author, including the original text, any illustrations, photographs, newspaper articles, etc. All material needs to be sent electronically, including photos. They need to be good quality photos only (300 dpi), and not screen shots from the internet. If you do not hold the copyright to the photos or other material that you may be using, then please obtain this permission (at your own expense) before contacting us.
Remember, for the jacket, you will need some colour pictures, inside the book they can be black and white.

Each book needs to be approx. 60,000-100,000 words in length, depending on the type of book. A novel / biography will obviously have a lot more words than a book with a lot of illustrations. Our books’ lengths are between 160 and 240 pages with 650-800 words per page.

Why are you writing the book?

Think about your motivation and credentials for writing the book. Are you an expert on the subject? Why are you the right person to write it? Are you the programme editor for a football club, or do you run a website on the subject or write a blog? Are you a journalist or feature writer for a newspaper or are you just a budding author with a great idea and a flair for words? The more knowledgeable and authoritative you are, the more chance you have of being published, and as importantly, having your work bought by the public.

If money is the main reason for writing the book, then maybe you need to think again. The royalty return to authors on books can be relatively low (40p-50p a book), so unless you get a great best seller, it is not likely that you will get rich. Think of it as a way of paying for your hobby, or establishing your credentials as an expert on your subject.

What is expected of you?

First and foremost you need to be able to meet deadlines and produce well-written and authoritative work. You must also be prepared to promote your own book. As the author there is nobody more enthusiastic or better placed to talk about your book. You will be expected to:

  • contact your local press and media,
  • promote the book on social media,
  • promote the book in local bookshops and other retail outlets,
  • buy and sell copies of your book.

For a full breakdown of what is expected of you and the likely return, please email Contact Us for details.

Submitting the book:

If you would like to have a book published on any subject, please Contact Us or call Steve Caron on 07914 647382.

Only submissions via email will be considered. Do not send material by post. 
If you want to discuss the book before submitting, please call Steve Caron on 07914 647382.

In your submission please include:

  • All of your contact details (including home address, email address and mobile number)
  • The basic outline of the book. If you have a chapter breakdown then great.
  • A summary of the book in five paragraphs, each one no more than 225 characters in length. Note that spaces, punctuation marks etc. all count as one character. Make the first paragraph the selling point. This may be used for the blurb and shows that you can hit word count limitations.
  • An author biography detailing who you are and why you have the credentials for writing the book. This needs to be in a maximum of three paragraphs, each one 225 characters only. This may be used on the back of the book, so please make it as pithy and authoritative as possible.
  • Confirmation that you have all of the material you need for the book, including the permissions to use any imagery or photography.
  • Any writing experience you have had and as importantly, why you think you have the credentials for writing the book you have submitted. Expand on your author biog.
  • Any details of your contacts in the media / social media. Remember you will be helping to market the book yourself so we need to be sure that you are willing and able to do this.

Good luck in submitting your book. We look forward to hearing from you.