Is your title Out of Print?

There are thousands of books published each year, and only a handful of these are best-sellers. However, just because the book has not been a best-seller, it doesn’t mean it deserves to go out of print. A large percentage of books published in the past are no longer available to buy which we think is a shame.

If you have the rights to a book, either your own, from a member of your family, or as a commercial opportunity and you want it to be republished under a new price and ISBN, then get in touch and we will see if we can get it back out there.

If your book is now out of print, yet the publisher still holds the rights, then have a look in your contract and see if there are any clauses allowing you to get the rights back. Usually this involves the book being out of print for a period of time, or the company may even have gone under.

If you have the edited files and any original material, then this makes the process a lot simpler, so when you are asking for your rights back, ask for the finished files too and permission to use them. If you don’t have them, then the book will be treated as a brand new title. See Commissioning for details of new book submissions.