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David Potter is in his 70's and lives in Kirkcaldy with Rosemary his wife of 47 years. He was born in Forfar in 1948, an only child of excellent parents whose main desire in life was to see their son do well in education. His background was working class – neither rich nor poor - and considers himself to be lucky to have been alive when he was, Winston Churchill having solved the German problem, and Clement Attlee and Aneurin Bevan having solved the problem of poverty and health. He was also lucky to have the benefits of the excellent Scottish educational system of the 1950s and 1960s, making it possible for a determined boy from a non-academic background to study Latin and Greek and to begin and finish his course at St Andrews University without it having really cost him or his parents a penny!

He inherited his love of football and Celtic FC from his father. His love of Celtic from a non-Catholic background had led him to despise sectarianism and to hate religious intolerance. He lived through the bad old days of Celtic in the early 1960s – a painful experience – and therefore enjoyed all the more the great days of the Lisbon Lions. University exams precluded him attending Lisbon, but he saw it on TV and in any case saw the Lisbon Lions in the Scottish Cup final of 1967 and indeed many other occasions.

His teaching career was at Glenrothes High School where he taught Classics and Spanish. He has had a lifelong love of cricket and drama, both of which he learned at school and in the case of drama at his BB group. He has acted with the Auld Kirk Players of Kirkcaldy since 1974, and after a long career in Umpiring, he became the Scorer of Falkland Cricket Club in 2005.He is also an enthusiastic committee member of the Joseph Rafferty Celtic Supporters Club.

He married Rosemary in 1972 and he has three children Alison, Susan and Andrew, and six grandchildren – Hannah, Euan, Katie, Michael, Anna and the late Callum who died tragically of Bone Cancer in 2011.

His first book was published in 1996 and he has been a regular contributor for various football magazines, websites and programmes. In recent years, he has taken an interest in writing local history.


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Other Books by David Potter:

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