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Wigan Observer

Wigan: Fifty Golden Years

Wigan: Fifty Golden Years

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AN ACTION-PACKED half-century of the events and people of Wigan is contained in this captivating book, published in conjunction with the Wigan Observer which utilises hundreds of photographs from the newspapers' archives.

From the coronation of Elizabeth II through disasters, civic occasions, royal visits, sporting triumphs - all the important moments are here, together with the people who shared in them.

Images of the streets, shops, pubs and schools of yesterday will evoke memories for those who lived through those experiences and, for those too young to remember, will bring those days to life.

About the Author

Picture editor Gary Brunskill has put together a fascinating walk down memory lane, recalling all the memorable happenings and the colourful people from 50 years of life in this great Lancashire town.

A unique book, Wigan - Fifty Golden Years will appeal to everyone and anyone interested in the story of the town. This is a paperback reproduction of the original hardback.

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