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Duncan Perkinson

When Kiwis Fly: A Sport's Tour of Great Britain

When Kiwis Fly: A Sport's Tour of Great Britain

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'When Kiwis Fly: A Sports Tour of Great Britain' is the first book to shine a spotlight on 140 leading sports venues and profile the New Zealanders who have succeeded there.

Stadia across the UK are temples for sports fans. Places where crowds gather to worship at the feet of the gods on the pitch, track or course.

New Zealand sports fans travel across the globe to visit venues such as Wimbledon and Wembley, Aintree and Anfield, Silverstone and St Andrews. The fans want to know more about the venues, more about the history and more about the stories.

It tells the stories of dreams, hopes, disappointment and redemption. It is the story of New Zealand growing up as a nation in the sporting venues of Britain.

When "Kiwis Fly" covers traditional sporting venues such as Lord's, Old Trafford and Wimbledon and some venues which many readers will not recognise, eg Pedestrianism at the Royal Agricultural Hall in the 1880s

About the Author

In Duncan Perkinson's lifetime, he's imagined beating all of the greats. Canterbury degree in hand, Duncan became a copywriter by day while watching sport from Britain by night.

The FA Cup, Test matches, and Wimbledon were played out on a 14-inch TV. Dreams became reality when Duncan left New Zealand and moved to London in 2002 and visited some of the great sporting venues of Europe.

Duncan and his wife moved to Wirral where he has ghost-written articles for magazines and newspapers including The Financial Times.

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