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Dave Rowson

We're not Leeds, We ARE Leeds

We're not Leeds, We ARE Leeds

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First Published : April 2021.   ISBN: 978-17809-16231

A new generation of Leeds fans hope Bielsa can lead Leeds United back into Europe.

This book describes for those who have not had the pleasure of following Leeds in Europe what they have missed and what awaits on their return!

Auf Wiedersehen Pet meets Colditz!

The book demonstrates how a wrongful arrest and a stay in a German prison cannot deter a dedicated Leeds fan from following their team around Europe. Side before self, your family and work!

Do not expect reviews of the football and this is not a hooligan book (trouble was just an occupational hazard), this is an account of travelling with your team abroad. The people, the situations, the daft things that happen. A personal account of following Leeds in Europe.

Trips creating memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Covering the European campaigns of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. ‘You should write a book’ they said, well I have!

A Leeds European tour, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine there were games to be played, trips to be arranged and stories to be told.

This book is a must read!

About the Author

Growing up watching the Revie team and supporting Leeds home and away since the 1970’s.

A member of the Harrogate Branch of the Leeds United Supporters Club, a former secretary founding the branch in 1982.

In 1975 for the European Cup Final, travelling twice to Paris with his father, first via train to buy tickets and then on Pynes of Harrogate Coaches to attend the game. Dave clearly caught the European football travel bug.

An organiser of many trips for the lads, Rouse Tours (as they became known) were not linked to the club. This allowed for longer stays abroad and a better chance of having a good trip away with nights out and plenty of beers.

Picture 2: An article in the Leeds v Chelsea home programme discussing Dave's book


Congrats to Dave Rowson on his new (first) book. It covers our European games and promises to be an excellent read, bringing back memories of the Glory European Nights / Days and the not so glorious mornings afterwards, severe steaming hangovers, complete mind blocks, terrible flashbacks and prison cells…. Various branch members have supplied Dave with some “select” pictures from the old days, as has Dougie Kaye (they are definitely HIS photos!) and Dave has procured some from other sources as well. For those of you who don’t / can’t remember those days, it will be a useful guide to help you fill in the blanks. For the ones who are too young to have been there – this is how it used to be before cheap flights. Think yourselves lucky that if / when we do get back into Europe, you’re never going to be sat on a coach for 19 hours just to watch Leeds.

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 Football Book Reviews

Dave Rowson discusses how Leeds fans got involved in Alzheimers Research with their 'Picture With Stan Bowles' initiative in aid of the charity.

The Stray Ferret

Harrogate man’s 40-year love affair with Leeds United

In his book, We’re Not Leeds We Are Leeds, Dave aimed to tell the stories of what it was like being there when United mixed it with the elite of European football.

Rather than a review of what happened on the pitch, the book highlights the people, the situations and the “daft things that happen” following your team abroad.

Forty years later, Dave still follows his club home and away and says he will continue to do so when fans are allowed back into stadiums.

But, why and how does he do it?

“I grew up doing it and it is what I do. It gets in your blood, it gets in your system.

“I can almost imagine never not doing it. A lot of my best mates I have met through the football and it’s like a community and a family.

“You have some right laughs and it takes you away from everything. Whatever troubles people have had, they go to the football and it gets it out of their system.

“I’ve known some people for 50 years watching football. There’s nothing better than it for me, a day out with the lads and a laugh.”

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Harrogate man's 40-year love affair with Leeds United - The Stray Ferret

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