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David Lewis

Walks through History - Liverpool

Walks through History - Liverpool

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"Walks Through History: Liverpool" is a celebration of the beauty and poetry of the city, the unexpected streets and places encountered and the restless urban landscape. It is a guidebook to the city's odd corners and a handbook of urban exploration.

Nearly eight centuries of history have left their mark on Liverpool in street names and stories, from the breezy hill at Everton and the salty industry of the docks, to the grandeur of the city centre and the wide green spaces of Sefton Park.

Exploring the city on foot shows us things invisible to the bus passenger hurrying to work; cast-iron street lamps on cobbled back streets, ornate fountains, quiet pubs, crumbling Gothic churches and mediaeval stonework.

In this book, there are walks finding the hidden history and architecture of the city centre, family walks through Liverpool's wealth of parks and gardens, and journeys through the older industrial city for the serious urban explorer.

Detailed directions are given, along with bus and train routes to and from the walks, convenient stopping or resting places, and suggested diversions or alternatives. The book is sure to appeal to locals and tourist alike.

About the Author

David Lewis has spent many years exploring Liverpool and Merseyside, either on foot, through the archives or through photographs, and he has worked with photographers and other writers on exhibitions and radio pieces about the city.

He now lives in the Welsh Marches and his walk blogs and Seasonal Journals reflect his love for both rural and urban landscapes.

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