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Bernard Bale

Villa in the Blood

Villa in the Blood

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PEOPLE love talking about football, especially if the subject is their favourite club. In Villa in the Blood, many people associated with Aston Villa look back on their favourite – and not so favourite – moments from the last 50 years of the 20th century.

Former players, managers, backroom staff and supporters live their magical Villa moments and talk about their special relationship with this great and historic football institution.

The war years and the peacetime games which followed, often played in front of huge attendances the like of which we shall never see again on English club grounds.

Cup triumphs, European glory, great matches and great players, days of sunshine and days of snow, cheers and tears. These are the ingredients of a unique book which enables the reader to listen to those talking who have Villa in the Blood.

This is a reproduction of the 1998 title so will reflect views of people at the end of the last millennium.

About the Author

Bernard Bale is a freelance writer who has written many books, articles and journals.

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