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Jonathan Sutherland

Unsolved Victorian Murders

Unsolved Victorian Murders

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In this fresh look at 12 unsolved murder cases, Jon Sutherland reviews the stories, evidence and trials to shed new light on the verdicts passed by the judges and juries of the 19th century. Read the stories, examine the evidence and decide for yourself.

The killings attributed to Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel are the most famous unsolved Victorian murders, but few people know the extent of the doubts surrounding the case.

Make up your own mind after reading Jon Sutherland’s detailed survey of the material. In Unsolved Victorian Murders Jack the Ripper appears alongside less well-known but equally fascinating characters.

Did Madeleine Smith poison her lover with arsenic in a cup of cocoa? How did a blind man in Bristol throw his younger, fitter rival through a narrow window?

What really happened in the woods of the Ardlamont estate in Scotland the morning Cecil Hambrough was shot?

About the Author

Jon Sutherland is the author of over 80 books and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. He is a former college lecturer but now writes on a full-time basis.

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