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Kent Messenger

Unexplained Kent

Unexplained Kent

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Whether or not it's out there, truth is stranger than fiction, as this fascinating collection of eerie experiences will show. What is truth?

It's what you believe in and all the people who have offered their stories believe what they saw, what they encountered. Many of the cases have been drawn from the files of Kent Messenger Group newspapers.

Indeed, several are reprinted from the X Files series published in the Kent Messenger. But there are also new, intriguing contributions unearthed by reporters from ordinary people with extraordinary stories to tell.

They are part of the fabric of the county, the kind of stuff eagerly digested by the thousands of visitors who meander through its leafy lanes. But no tourist guide we have ever seen includes reports of abductions by aliens.

So, settle back, open your mind and prepare to visit a Kent you ve never seen before. Oh, and keep the lights on…

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