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Ian Morgan

True Tales of the Macabre: Within Sight of the Gibbet

True Tales of the Macabre: Within Sight of the Gibbet

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This work includes two stories - with one link - the hamlet of Litton. The first "Life in Litton Mill", was it the basis for Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist? The second - "The Curse of the Lingard Family" is a tale of murder, highway robbery and brutality.

The small hamlet of Litton nestles in the rolling countryside of the Peak District amid green fields and blue skies. Close to Tideswell, it is the idyllic retreat for those wanting to get away from the pressures of life.

Yet do those that visit realise the hardship and death that abounded there almost 200 years ago? Was it this struggle to survive that led Anthony Lingard the younger to commit murder or his younger brother William to commit highway robbery?

William Lingard committed Highway robbery within sight of his brother's decaying body and was transported to Australia where he endured punishment after punishment.

The story of the Lingard family and those around is one of murder, highway robbery and brutality. When Anthony Lingard the elder married Elizabeth Neal a train of events began that would help change the laws of England

About the Author

Ian Morgan was born in Chesterfield and has lived in the locality all of his life. Captivated by the intrigues and history of England's colourful past Ian has used his skills to write extensively on the subject.

He has made many appearances on radio in that context, including BBC Sheffield, BBC Lincolnshire, BBC Nottingham and BBC Derby.

He enjoys giving guided walks around historical locations, as well as illustrated talks and lectures. He is a guide for English Heritage at a number of their properties. He is married to Angela and together they have three children.

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