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Austin Ruddy

To the Last Round: The Leicestershire and Rutland Home Guard 1940-1945

To the Last Round: The Leicestershire and Rutland Home Guard 1940-1945

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During World War Two, up to 50,000 men and women served in the Leicestershire and Rutland Home Guard, ready to defend their families, friends and fellow citizens, yet today their stories and sacrifices are practically forgotten - until now.

Using a wide variety of sources, the author reveals the true story behind the Home Guard. Apart from their well-know infantry role, Home Guards manned anti-aircraft guns and rockets, formed bomb disposal squads and helped train Special Forces units.

Women Auxiliaries and boy cadets also served in the force. Over 50 of the last Home Guards tell first hand of the many events, both serious and humorous, that occurred while they defended the Home Front.

Also published for the first time are: details of secret defence schemes, showing how the two counties would have been defended to the last round; how three secret local resistance organisations would have carried on fighting after Nazi occupation.

"To the Last Round" is a moving and candid tribute to the Leicestershire and Rutland Home Guard and will provide a welcome addition to the subject at both local and national level.

About the Author

Born in North London in 1973, Austin J. Ruddy was educated at Highgate School and the University of Leicester, where he attained his degree in Archaeology.

He has studied and collected the social and military history of the Second World War, particularly the British Home Front, for most of his life.

Austin has appeared on radio and television talking about wartime history and regularly researches and writes for magazines, newspapers, journals and websites, as well as local talks on wartime defence history.

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