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Steve King

Through the Seasons Before Us - Following Nottingham Forest in the 80's

Through the Seasons Before Us - Following Nottingham Forest in the 80's

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This book chronicles the true story of the adventures experienced by a group of football fans travelling to watch Nottingham Forest’s controversial UEFA Cup Semi-Final Second Leg against Anderlecht back in 1984.

This was a time when football was the domain of the working class male; when football was a tribal culture that had long outgrown the confines of 90 minutes on a Saturday afternoon.

Set against a backdrop of economic decline, deindustrialisation, urban decay and mass unemployment, football fans in Britain mirrored the brutal social climate of the time.

It is often in the face of such adversities that friendships are strengthened and adventures occur; and as in the case of this story, often resulting in memorable escapades and hilarious outcomes.

The book turns back the clock; reverses the changes made over the past 30 years and allows the reader to experience football as it was then; seen through the eyes of some of those fans all that time ago

About the Author

Steve King was born in Kegworth in 1961 and attended schools at Kegworth, Castle Donington and Loughborough prior to working in the transactional print industry from 1980.

A lifelong Nottingham Forest supporter, Steve held a season ticket for over 30 years before becoming increasingly disenchanted with the modern game.

Over the past thirty years, Steve has remained close friends with all of the main characters within his first book, Through The Seasons Before Us, emphasising the point that the book is just as much about friendship as it is about football.

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