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Jeff Williamson

The Wonderful Wanderers - Bolton Wanderers to 1960

The Wonderful Wanderers - Bolton Wanderers to 1960

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This book charts Bolton Wanderers from inception in 1874 through to 1960. It lists every competition they have won and all the players involved in each of these successes.

The Wanderers have a wonderful history, the story of their journey through football which their motto ‘Supera Moras’ translated as ‘to overcome all difficulties,’ emphasises them in its entirety.

A founder member of the football league they have been a major force in football and are known worldwide. There are many photographs to accompany this wonderful account of a great football club that rose from humble beginnings in a Lancashire mill town.

The book is an historical information narrative in yearly format detailing all the successes they have achieved in all competitions and every player involved is shown in a detailed account, with additional information on the other teams involved.

There is an extra chapter dedicated to Nat Lofthouse and charts his career, again with numerous pictures to accompany it.

About the Author

Jeff Williamson has been a Bolton Wanderers fan from being a young boy and over the years become rather an obsessive about all things Wanderers related.

His family have been connected in a working capacity with the club for over forty years from the late 1940’s through to the 1980’s, though they had been ardent followers for many years prior to that.

His enthusiasm for Bolton has never left him and as he has matured in years, he has moved into the historical and memorabilia side of football history, which prompted him to write this account of their past.

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