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Tony Matthews

The Who's Who of West Bromwich Albion

The Who's Who of West Bromwich Albion

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This comprehensive book consists of detailed biographies of every player ever to take part in a first-team game for the Baggies since the club entered the FA Cup in November 1883 until the end of the 2005 season.

Author Tony Matthews has meticulously researched the history of West Brom to uncover such details as when a player joined the club and where from, how many appearances he made and which positions he played in.

Other staff of the club are not forgotten, and within these pages are biographies of all the managers, chairmen, directors, secretaries, trainers and coaches that have worked behind the scenes to shape the history of this proud club.

The book is illustrated throughout with a fine collection of pictures, many of them from the club's own archives.

The result is a book that is a must-have for every Baggies fan that is sure to find its way onto the bookshelves of supporters young and old.

About the Author

Tony Matthews is an experienced football historian and writer with many previous books to his credit. He specialises in the clubs of the West Midlands

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