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P.R. Brown

The Spare Room of Elves and Men

The Spare Room of Elves and Men

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Published June 2023

ISBN: 9781780916347

eISBN: 9781781563311 (available on Amazon)

It is for the reader to decide whether The Spare Room is a humorous book with serious undertones or a serious book with humorous overtones or an allegorical analysis of the so-called ‘human condition’, or indeed all three.

It explores various aspects of humanity through the relationship between the storyteller, who remains nameless and represents a sympathetic everyman, and Mr Potts.

Potts is an eccentric figure whose questioning attitudes and distrust of human nature are ridiculed by the local populace from whom he is isolated by choice.

Preferring his odd and unclear relationship with Elves, Mr Potts lives alone and is befriended by the storyteller from whose pen the whole narrative unfolds after Mr Potts’ decease.

About the Author

P.R. Brown, was educated at University College, Swansea; and later at St. John’s College, Cambridge, where he gained a PhD in Philosophy. He teaches English as a Foreign language in Cambridge and has published articles both in this field and in Philosophy.


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