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Heidi Haigh

Follow Me and Leeds United: The Sleeping Giant Awakens - Leeds United 2016-17

Follow Me and Leeds United: The Sleeping Giant Awakens - Leeds United 2016-17

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The 2016–17 season saw the sleeping giant, Leeds United, stirring once again. After years of poor management and owners lacking in aspiration, the hopes of the fans were raised before being dashed at the final hurdle. This is the story of the season.

The Sleeping Giant Awakens is based on Heidi Haigh’s popular blog Follow Me and Leeds United, shared by Leeds United’s worldwide fan base. Heidi shows the highs and lows of a Leeds fan travelling to games, both home and away.

Heidi also takes photos at games, which tell their own story but also show the camaraderie amongst the loyal support. Many of the original photos from the blog are featured in the book, including photos of fans at the games.

About the Author

Heidi Haigh is the author of three other books: Follow Me and Leeds United; Once a Leeds fan, always a Leeds fan; and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Leeds United! Leeds United in the 1980s (co-authored with Andrew Dalton).

Heidi has been following Leeds United for nearly 50 years and is a current season ticket holder in the Kop along with her two youngest daughters Danielle and Emily. All the family have been brought up to support the Whites.

Heidi's trademark beret made her well known amongst players and fans alike, and former players still stop her in the street to say hello. She has had many articles and pictures published, from the Yorkshire Evening Post to the Daily Express.

Following Leeds United has taken Heidi, a fanatic, all over the country and the world. As well as writing her books, her ambition is to get a group of fans to record all the old songs fans have sung over the years.

For more information and books written by Heidi see her 'Meet Our Authors' page

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