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Joe Clancy

The Silver Apples of the Moon

The Silver Apples of the Moon

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An engaging, bittersweet story of infatuation, obsession  - - and QPR!.

Dave is a professional footballer whose team are contenders to win the First Division title. He is introduced to beautiful Lisa Dell. Lisa sees potential in Dave beyond his interest in football. But she has another suitor - with a deadly secret.

London 1976. IRA bombings and death on the streets amid political upheaval. Wilson resigns as PM and Margaret Thatcher becomes Tory leader.

Dave’s team is close to winning the First Division title for the first time. And Dave is becoming even closer to Lisa. But life, like football, can be a funny old game. And things don’t always go exactly according to plan.

When Dave tries to find Lisa after an IRA bomb explodes in a pub she had planned to visit, he realises how little he actually knows about her. And a book of poems Lisa had given him reveals some worrying possibilities.

Their relationship fluctuates in tandem with the fortunes of Dave’s football team as the story reaches its denouement. It’s an eclectic mix of passion, politics, penalties and poetry, in pursuit of the ultimate prize

About the Author

Joe Clancy spent 10 years in London following QPR and worked in various ad agencies to support this addiction. He managed advertising campaigns for many iconic household brands before eventually returning to Ireland.

A regular contributor to The Phoenix, Ireland’s satirical and current affairs magazine, he has also written articles on branding and contributed overviews on the advertising industry to various national newspapers.

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Review - Sunday Business Post 21st January 2018

'Do you have a book inside burning to become a reality? Many of us know the feeling but few of us go through with the process.  Not so for advertising legend and football fanatic Joe Clancy, who penned his debut novel 'Silver Apples of the Moon' when he broke free of the day job.  A beguiling mix of romance, politics, poetry and the beautiful game, this page turner leaves no target market unturned.' 

Extract of a Q & A  session with JOE CLANCY

 The Silver Apples of the Moon is your debut novel. You describe it as an engaging, bittersweet story of infatuation, obsession, poetry and football. That’s a pretty eclectic mix.

I suppose it is. At first sight, certainly, football and poetry would appear to be unlikely bedfellows Poetry is not something one hears too often on the terraces but when played well, there is something quite poetic about football. The way the action is described can be quite lyrical too.  They don’t call it ‘the beautiful game’, for nothing.

For more of this extract please see Joe Clancy's 'Meet Our Authors' page

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