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Maurice Hope

The Shores of Penrhyn Llyn - The Llyn Peninsula

The Shores of Penrhyn Llyn - The Llyn Peninsula

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In this book on the Llyn Peninsula, part local and social history, part guide to the towns, villages and life of the peninsula, Maurice Hope explores the treasures of the region and uncovers some fascinating stories of the past.

The Llyn Peninsula is a lively, interesting and beautiful part of Wales, with a wonderful coastline stretching from Porthmadog to Caernarfon.

Discover more about the City of Giants, William Madocks, Solomon Andrews, Jan Morris, the thriving arts scene and the beach festivals and Lloyd George’s village.

The engaging text is lavishly illustrated with both historic and contemporary illustrations.

About the Author

Maurice Hope is a musician, lecturer and writer. He retired from Manchester Metropolitan University to concentrate on teaching in Europe, freelance lecturing and performing, and to pursue his long-standing interest in local history.

He moved to the Llyn Peninsula several years ago and was immediately caught up in the life and history of his adopted area. He is the author of A Mixed Harvest – Stories of New Mills, published by Breedon Books in 2003.

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