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P.R. Brown

The Shadow People

The Shadow People

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Set in present-day Britain, this is the thought-provoking story of the Reverend Adam Sedley, newly appointed incumbent of St Mary's Church, who believes that the Christian Church is endangered by secularisation and distrust.

Sedley, convinced that the Church in its present state is in irreversible decline and that its eventual extinction is a foregone conclusion, sees it as his vocational mission to attempt to halt and reverse that decline. He succeeds only in alienating the Church he seeks to redefine and threatening the loyalties of those on whom his progress depends causing his marriage to deteriorate.

He begins to question whether a relationship which is not founded on a true marriage of minds is worth maintaining, while his vocational mission founders on the rocks of indifference, at best, hostility at worst.

The Shadow People is the third novel of a fiction trilogy, having been preceded by The Mirror Men and The Treadmillers; all three novels address current and highly controversial socio-political issues.

About the Author

P.R. Brown, was educated at University College, Swansea; and later at St. John’s College, Cambridge, where he gained a PhD in Philosophy. He teaches English as a Foreign language in Cambridge nd has published articles both in this field and in Philosophy.

His books include the non-fiction trilogy, The Gods of Our Time, Dreams and Illusions Revisited, and The Mountain Dwellers.

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