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Philip Stevens

The Pioneers of West Ham United 1895-1960

The Pioneers of West Ham United 1895-1960

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This is a collection of short biographies on the great West Ham players of yesteryear that helped to define the club's iconic image and set the standard for its future stars.

West Ham United has always been a blue-collar club, set in a strong working-class area. The fans are proud of being East Enders, proud of their club, its history and achievements.

Of course, in many respects West Ham is no different from any other major English football club with roots in working-class culture. However, there is something special about the Hammers and their historic commitment to football's highest ideals.

As the move to the new Olympic Stadium approaches, it is time to remember the great players before Bobby Moore, those who took the club to the point where it was able to produce one of the best footballers of all time.

About the Author

Born in Walthamstow on the East London and Essex border, Dr Philip Stevens taught for many years in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, where he coached basketball, football and cricket.

Originally a London firefighter, Dr Stevens later held Fellowships at the London Institute of Education, Merton College Oxford, and the University of Tennessee. He completed a PhD at the London Institute in 1992.

A lifelong West Ham supporter, Dr Stevens took early retirement in 2008 and lives mostly in France where he writes about his passion for sport, in particular football and cricket.

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