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Carol Twinch

The Little Book of Suffolk

The Little Book of Suffolk

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'The Little Book of Suffolk' is an eclectic mix of historic tales of places and personalities, plus a wealth of facts and figures about the eighth-largest county in England.

There are tales of sea battles, the story of the pickled head of an archbishop, the exploits of the suffragettes, and the literary connections of Charles Dickens and many other prominent writers and artists.

There are some things particular, some might say peculiar to Suffolk find out how the Roundheads got their name and why the greengage is so called.

And what is behind some of the county s place names? Why is there a Chainbridge at Needham Market and what does Bradfield Combust mean?

Did you know that the silk for Princess Diana's wedding gown was produced in Suffolk and that needlewomen from Glemsford were involved in the execution of the Bayeux Tapestry in 1067? All this, and more besides!

About the Author

Journalist and author Carol Twinch has written about Essex industry, farming, countryside and culture for over 20 years.

A lifelong visitor to the county, she is constantly fascinated by its endless variety and diversity, and with her husband sails regularly off the Essex coast.

As well as contributing to various magazines and newspapers, Carol has worked in local television and radio and written books on agricultural, social and local history as well as a number of short stories.

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