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Mike Hodgkins

The Last Gasp

The Last Gasp

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The Last Gasp is the final part of the trilogy which began with Better Red than Dead, followed by Jakes tale. The trilogy follows the lives of firefighters at Graveton Fire Station, this time looking at it from Mac's perspective.

It’s Mac’s last tour of duty. After 30 years of doing the job he’s loved, after this tour of duty it will come to an end. As Mac begins his final tour his mind wanders to the many significant events that have punctuated his life.

He remembers the times as a child at home with his mum dad and sister and his best friend Freddie and the tragedy of his early death. Then the sadness of losing his mum, and the pride of becoming a fire fighter like his dad.

During his last tour it is business as usual at Graveton, the watch attend serious road accidents and dangerous fires, some of which test Mac and his watch to their very limits. It also looks at the camaraderie of the quiet times.

The book continues the stories of Jake and his girl Antonella, Brian and Jane and Jim and Maddie, and the mountain rescue and Ranger services find themselves pushed when the public need their help.

About the Author

Mike Hodgkins is a former fire officer in the Sheffield Fire Service. He is now retired and spends his time walking the hills of the Peak District.

If you would like to know more about Mike, please see his author page

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