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Glynis Cooper

The Illustrated History of Manchester’s Suburbs

The Illustrated History of Manchester’s Suburbs

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The Illustrated History of Manchester Suburbs shows how countryside, farms and villages developed into the urban streets, residential areas, shopping districts and industrial estates that are so familiar today.

In the course of the last 150 years, the outskirts of the city have been transformed, and they have expanded, in a way that would astonish Mancunians of just a few generations ago.

Manchester evolved over the centuries, gradually at first, then with a great spurt of growth during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Read how small villages on the periphery were totally consumed by the need for industrial expansion.

The villages though retained their identity, and their names have lived on in the urban areas that surround the heart of the city.

The book gives a keen insight into the development of each district and into the relentless expansion that created new communities and absorbed the old.

About the Author

Glynis Cooper is an archaeologist and novelist with a passion for local history. As well as being a founder of Millscapes, she has completed archive projects at North Devon Library and at Manchester Central Library.

Her publications to date include several local studies: Castle Hill: Glossop's Other Fort, Bryher: Land Of The Hills, A History of Tresco, Longdendale: The Travellers' Valley and the History of Salford.

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