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Sandy Mullay

The Illustrated History of Edinburgh's Suburbs

The Illustrated History of Edinburgh's Suburbs

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"The Illustrated History of Edinburgh's Suburbs" shows how the countryside, farms and villages developed into urban streets, residential areas, shopping districts and industrial estates that are so familiar today.

In the course of the last 150 years the outskirts of the city have been transformed, and they have expanded, in a way that would astonish Edinburgh residents of just a few generations ago.

In this detailed and fully illustrated account of the suburbs, Sandy Mullay not only offers a concise history of each district. His survey will be essential reading and reference for everyone who takes an interest in their neighbourhood

He also features local anecdotes, myths and folklore, and he remembers remarkable, sometimes bizarre, episodes and notable individuals who played their part in the story.

"The Illustrated History of Edinburgh's Suburbs" records, in words and photographs, the impact made on the city by an ever-increasing population and changes in industry, at work and in the home.

About the Author

Andy Mullay was born in Edinburgh in 1947, growing up in Portobello and marrying a Leither, with whom he now lives in Morningside.

An Open University history graduate and chartered librarian, he has written the Edinburgh Encyclopedia, as well as editing a number of Scottish books.

He was a Community Council Secretary for 12 years and is a founder member of the Friends of Hermitage of Braid.

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