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Dennis Morgan

The Illustrated History of Cardiff Suburbs

The Illustrated History of Cardiff Suburbs

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From 1875 onwards, as Cardiff grew, it absorbed its outlying districts. This book concentrates on the varied and fascinating history of these suburbs which are today part of the capital of Wales. The book features more than 200 illustrations.

Cardiff was a small town of less than 2,000 people until the development of its docks in the 19th century. Then began a period of rapid expansion.

Dennis Morgan offers a concise account of the development of each area. Some of the suburbs have long and rich histories in their own right. Others are recent creations, designed to accommodate new businesses and a rising population.

The author describes how ancient hillforts, castles and churches are to be found in these districts alongside the industrial development that has transformed the city during the last 200 years.

Royal visits, memorable sporting occasions and battles from medieval times to World War II feature in the narrative. The author records world famous characters and lesser known local characters, together with anecdotes and legends.

About the Author

Dennis Morgan is a local historian of note and has written a number of books about his beloved Cardiff.

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