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Carol Twinch

The History of Ipswich

The History of Ipswich

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Ipswich has long been dismissed as a town without history, yet archaeology carried out over the last 30 yrs proves conclusively that it is one of England's oldest towns, over 1,400 years of life in Suffolk's primary conurbation.

The Anglo-Saxon 'Gipeswic' was among the first formal urban centres to be established after the Romans quit the British Isles and rightly lays claim to being one of our longest inhabited boroughs.

The History of Ipswich provides an overview of around 1,400 years of life in Suffolk's primary conurbation.

It traces the story of how, from the collection of a few Roman farmsteads, the Saxons quickly established a town that developed and flourished, thus laying the foundations for the later Tudor prosperity.

The Borough of Ipswich is both ancient and modern, retaining traces of the great days of medieval trade and the shipbuilding industry that made it famous in the 18th century.

About the Author

Journalist and author Carol Twinch has written about Essex industry, farming, countryside and culture for over 20 years.

A lifelong visitor to the county, she is constantly fascinated by its endless variety and diversity, and with her husband sails regularly off the Essex coast.

As well as contributing to various magazines and newspapers, Carol has worked in local television and radio and written books on agricultural, social and local history as well as a number of short stories.

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