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Don Shaw

The Hike and Every Damned Thing Else

The Hike and Every Damned Thing Else

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As Freddy, Phil and Don enjoy the peace of their weekly walks in the Peak District, weathering all that the elements and local characters can throw at them, they waste no time in setting that world to rights. Why not join them?

We meet Freddy, Phil and Don - the hilarious, yet deep thinking, tales of three retired men determined to keep hiking to the bitter end in their beloved Peak District - but each for very different reasons...

Phil - a former air-traffic controller and the group's self-appointed leader - is on a mission not to grow old. He believes his combination of obsessive physical exercise and the latest health supplements will hold back time.

Freddy - a shambolic slacker who prefers to stroll and smell the flowers. Freddy's eternal mission is to find the meaning of life. Until he does, he takes consolation in outmanoeurvring the vulgar, aspirational world around him

Thankfully they have Don to calm the waters. All Don asks for in return is some peace, tranquility and perhaps a decent pint when they reach their destination.

About the Author

Don Shaw has been a full-time writer for film, stage, radio and TV since 1968, and before that a teacher of the deaf. He won his first award in 1968 and went on to become one of the top TV writers, winning awards both at home and internationally.

He was the creator of the BBC drama series Dangerfield, and has been Visiting Professor in Drama at Derby University for many years. His first book The Hike was self-published and at Christmas 2004 outsold The Da Vinci Code in Derbyshire.

Married with three children, Don lives in Mickleover, near Derby.

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