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Georgina Moseley and Simon Goodyear

The Harry Moseley Story – “Making It Happen.”

The Harry Moseley Story – “Making It Happen.”

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This is the story of a young boy's dream of finding a cure for people with cancer, just like him. Told through the eyes of his mother, it is a true and honest account on his positive, cheery, determined and selfless outlook. A remarkable human being.

The Harry Moseley Story - Making it Happen is a true account of how a 'normal' little boy with big dreams and a selfless, compassionate outlook on life proves that with hard work, anything can be achieved.

This is an emotional, heart-warming and truly inspirational account of how a little boy's dream of helping others changed the lives of millions and will probably make you take a look at yourself in the process

Harry gripped the nation by making and selling beaded bracelets all by himself, with all the proceeds he raised going to charity. When Harry passed away in October 2011 he had raised a staggering £650,000 for his chosen charities but his legacy lives on.

During his fight against brain cancer Harry befriended many people via his Twitter account including his peers and many famous celebrities from all over the world. In 2012, a charity 'Help Harry Help Others' was set up to carry on his work.

About the Author

Simon Goodyear resides in Warwickshire and is an author, primarily of football books, but this story was so touching he was very happy to tell the story.

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