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Tom Ross, with Keith Dixon and David Salt

The Game's Gone - The Autobiography of Tom Ross

The Game's Gone - The Autobiography of Tom Ross

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Tom Ross is a one-off. A thoroughly honourable, humble character, proudly of the old school - yet someone who has not only lived through but adapted to the huge changes in his beloved radio medium over the last few decades. Known to all West Midlands fans.

A hugely entertaining personality, with an enviable command of the true art of commentary. Turn on Tom and you can smell the game. As he always says, it's about the passion - and Tom has that in spades.

His story is a fascinating one - from the tenements to leading sports coverage on huge radio stations and a friend to some of the biggest names in the game.

British radio owes a lot to Tom - and he is one of the reasons our Nation's radio commentary sounds the way it does. This is his story.


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