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Cliff Hayes

The Changing Face of Merseyside

The Changing Face of Merseyside

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MERSEYSIDE is a fascinating place and in this book local historian Cliff Hayes looks not only at the city centre of Liverpool but also at the outskirts: Garston and its docks, Aintree and the Grand National, Speke and the airport, Waterloo and Walton.

This part of Merseyside’s history plays an important role in his book, as do the docks. He even takes a trip on the Royal Daffodil and includes Birkenhead and Wallasey.

Cliff also takes in Southport and crosses the Mersey at Widnes on the transporter bridge, and he ends the journey where many Scousers finished up – in Runcorn New Town.

As a former merchant seaman, Cliff writes with real insight about life at sea, which was a shared experience for generations of Merseysiders. His book is a comprehensive, affectionate and finely-illustrated portrait of Mersey-side today and yesterday.

Previously published in hardback in 2007, this paperback version is sure to remain a favourite for years to come.

About the Author

Cliff Hayes, who began work as a printer on Merseyside newspapers some 50 years ago spent many years exploring the history of Liverpool and Merseyside.

As well as publishing numerous illustrated accounts of Liverpool's recent past, he is well known for his books on Wirral, where he was born, and Manchester.

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