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Patrick Denney

The Changing Face of Colchester

The Changing Face of Colchester

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The Changing Face of Colchester gives a vivid insight into the dramatic changes that have taken place in this historic town over the last 200 or so years.

The book provides a graphic record of the generations of people who have lived and worked here, and it recalls streets and thoroughfares, houses and public buildings and shops and factories that have vanished or been altered almost beyond recognition.

The pictures show changing types of transport and fashion, the spread of buildings across the town, and the developing character of individual streets and districts as they took on the form that is familiar today.

Comparative old and modern illustrations demon strate the astonishing growth and redevelopment that has occurred within living memory, and beyond, and most aspects of daily life are recalled.

Patrick Denney’s fascinating survey will add to the knowledge and enjoyment of all those who take an interest in the history and heritage of Colchester.

About the Author

Patrick Denney is an experienced local historian and teaches local and family history classes at a number of venues in Essex.

He is secretary of the Friends of Colchester Museums and an active member of the Colchester Recalled Oral History Society.

His previous publications include Colchester Past, Life in Edwardian Colchester and Colchester Voices.

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