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Brian Lee

The Changing Face of Cardiff

The Changing Face of Cardiff

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"The Changing Face of Cardiff" is different from all the other Brian Lee books on Cardiff in that it deals entirely with places rather than faces.

As long ago as the 1860s, Cardiffians were commenting, some sadly, on the rapid changes taking place in their town. And even today some residents claim that the city is losing some of its character owing to these many changes.

It was Matthew Williams, curator of Cardiff Castle, who said that 'nothing evokes nostalgia quite like an old photograh' and this fascinating book has more than 350 of them.

In addition to photographic images, Lee has included the absorbing chapter, 'Before The Camera', in which the Cardiff of old is seen through the eyes of artists such J. Newman by way of a number of wonderful engravings.

Brian's many readers will welcome this addition to their bookshelves.This is a fascinating guide to Wales' premier city, fully-illustrated throughout with colour and black-and-white images.

About the Author

Brian Lee was born and bred in Cardiff. He is a renowned writer on Cardiff's history and writes a popular nostalgia column in the local newspaper.

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