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Dave Marden

The Building of Southampton Docks

The Building of Southampton Docks

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Remarkable overview of the history of the Southampton Docks, from it's earliest to most recent developments, to explore what has made it the enormous industrial estate it is today.

To most Southampton citizens, and indeed many visitors, the view of the Docks on its doorstep is a familiar sight witnessed daily without much of a second thought - as if it has always been there.

Countless books have been written about the docks and many have referred to various stages of its development, but few have told the fuller story of its evolution.

It explores everything from how it was built from the earliest days of its commencement under the ownership of the Southampton Dock Company, to its final expansion to Redbridge in 1996 under private owners Associated British Ports.

The book brings the story right up to date.

About the Author

An established author of several books on railways and local history, Dave Marden now writes about the place where he was born and brought up. As a native Sotonian, having been born in the city’s Chapel area and educated locally at both Ascupart Junior (now St Mary’s) and Central Secondary schools, he spent his entire career working in the Port of Southampton before retirement.

While growing up in the post war years and in the 1950s, he remembers much of his home town as it was before the major redevelopments of the 1960s when so many of the old streets and communities were cleared away in the name of progress and modernisation. 

For more information about Dave Marden see his 'Meet Our Authors' page:

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