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John Harper

Tamworth Past & Present

Tamworth Past & Present

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Tamworth: Past and Present gives a vivid insight into the dramatic developments that have taken place in the town in the recent past. The resulting contrast offers an illuminating insight into the evolution of the town over the last 200 years.

John Harper's fascinating book recalls streets, houses and public buildings, shops, businesses and pubs that have vanished or been altered almost beyond recognition.

The reader is taken on a conducted tour through the past and present streets of this ancient town, and is encouraged to compare present-day streetscapes with archive photographs and other illustrations made from the same viewpoints.

The book - featuring many never-before-seen photographs by Paul Barder - is essential reading for anyone who is interested in how the Tamworth of yesterday evolved into the town of today.

About the Author

John Harper has a passion for British history and for his native town of Tamworth. Born in 1958, the eldest son of a Tamworth miner, he left school in 1977 and began working for the Tamworth Herald.

John's long-running Herald History column is essential weekly reading for both born-and-bred Tammies and for newcomers alike who want to learn more about the town's fascinating past.

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