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Vicki Masterton and Karen Cliff

Stretford: An Illustrated History

Stretford: An Illustrated History

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OVER the last 300 years Stretford has undergone dramatic change, from farming community to industrialised centre that forms the basis of today's town. This book charts this development to 2002, illustrating the story with photographs.

Stretford's industrial history is only part of this wide-ranging account. The social life of the town is vividly recorded, from the Botanical Gardens of 1831 to Victorian pageants and exhibitions, and Manchester United's Old Trafford football ground.

Fascinating photographs of Stretford during WW2 are included, showing war damage and the war work that made the town a target for enemy bombers.

The authors have delved deep into the archives of the Trafford Local Studies Centre to create this expert introduction.

Their work should be essential reading for anyone who cares to understand the origins, development and traditions of present-day Stretford.

About the Authors

Both Vicki Masterson and Karen Cliff work at the Trafford Local Studies Centre, have a keen interest in local history and have made a special study of the Trafford area.

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