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Jim Brown

Southampton's Changing Faces

Southampton's Changing Faces

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From established Southampton historian, Jim Brown's latest book looks at how the city has changed over the years, with before and after photos illustrating that change.

Southampton's Changing Faces show how building developments, some dramatic have transformed areas of the city over the years.

Local historian Jim Brown has had access to local collections containing a number of unpublished views and his modern photos taken from as nearly as possible the same position as the older pictures, sometimes reveal startling changes.

The post-war reconstruction following Hitler's Blitzkrieg altered many areas beyind recognition. Further changes came in the 1950's with the construction of the new ring road and the resultant demolition of many properties.

More changes occured in the 70's when the massive Itchen Bridge was built which involved the sweeping away of a number of buildings to provide the two approaches to the new bridges.

About the Author

Jim Brown is a local author and researcher with a passion for Southampton's history. A former detective with the Southampton City Police, he has lived and worked in the city all of his life.

In retirement he has devoted himself to investigating the city's past. As a leading member of the Bitterne Local History Society he has written and contributed to several books and booklets.


For more information on Jim Brown and other books he has written, please see his 'Meet our Author's' page:

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