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Craig Trembirth

Son of My Father: Me, My Dad and Derby County

Son of My Father: Me, My Dad and Derby County

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Son of My Father charts the relationship between the author, his Dad and Derby County Football Club, from their first visit together to the Baseball Ground in November 1979 and through two and a half decades spent watching their team

From the eyes of a hero-worshipping four-year-old, through to a relationship of mutual admiration and shared understanding, via the angst and traumatic misunderstandings of an adolescent, a story about growing up at the end of the second millennium.

Along with the changing faces of managers and players: the fads, news and music of the eighties and nineties are brought to life, as well as the dawning of the new millennium.

About the Author

Craig Trembirth was born in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, on the first day of 1975. His Dad took him to Derby County's Baseball Ground in 1979 before he'd even gone to school.

He was educated in Derbyshire before emerging with a degree from Durham University. After a string of temporary jobs and a year in Bristol, Craig then returned to the East Midlands where he spent nine years teaching road safety lessons in schools.

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