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Mick Mitchell

Sisyphus Unsolved

Sisyphus Unsolved

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Published: April 2019

ISBN: 9781780915951

Spike returns home from the Gulf War and finds himself the prime suspect, when he finds a dead body in a river. Disenchanted hooligan Cuckoo Walsh, is a member of a clandestine neo-Nazi organisation called the British Free Corps.

Josh languishes in an ex-mining village while his friends move on to better things. He is indoctrinated into Walsh’s shady world and commits crimes which leave him running for his own life.

Dean Swift works for an exploitative multinational company and John Freeman lives on a crumbling estate where anti-social behaviour spills into violence. They are both drawn into a world of violent crime and racially motivated attacks.

The book is the second of a trilogy, each set several years apart which, through realistic but fictional characters and intertwined stories, charts the changes in a small ex-mining community from Thatcherite Britain to Brexit

About the Author 

Mick Mitchell has completed an Open University Degree, gaining 2.1BSc (hons) in Arts and Humanities with English Literature. He has always read widely but never mixed in circles where knowledge or erudition was encouraged.

He has an interest in exploring the social history of ordinary working class people, and presenting it in his fiction work. This is a subject he knows well, having been born and bred in a mining community.

He now lives with his wife in South Nottinghamshire.

There is also an ebook version available of this title, it is for sale from Amazon or your usual provider. eISBN: 9781781563090

#humour #nottinghamshire #mining #fiction

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