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Benji Ming

Santa Cull

Santa Cull

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Phaedra Jenkins, 37, bisexual actress, does murder mysteries in the Christmas season; Barry McLeod, 47, fells trees in Sweden, trying to forget her; Terence Wilkinson, 21, computer geek, murders Santas in appropriate ways. A funny crime thriller for all.

As more murders occur, becoming more ludicrously gruesome, Phaedra realises the link between them: they had all been Santa in Lapland, 10 years ago.

Meanwhile copycat killings spread around the world. Speculation as to the perpetrators ranges from extreme slimmers to anti-paedophile vigilantes. Shopping malls empty, consumerism collapses; Capitalism is on its knees.

Can Phaedra save the Free Market Economy without compromising her Stanislavskian principles?


Film Clip of Benji Ming's Santa Cull; chapter 7

Taken from the novel Santa Cull by Benji Ming. A film by Richard David O'Rourke. 2018 Starring Krage Brown and Mike Anfield. Music by RD O'Rourke




About the Author

Benji Ming is an 58 year old actor, tree surgeon and gardener. From the Scottish Highlands, he has lived in many places; latterly in Oxford since 1994. A narrowboat dweller since 1992, he has navigated the entire inland waterway network.

He has been performing since 1981, in many genres, including murder mysteries and Santa in Lapland. He has written reams of comedy material, murder mystery plots, and a one man show about the history of Scotland in 2002.

The idea for Santa Cull came from wondering what children who had seen him in Lapland and were convinced Santa was real might do a few years later when they discovered that even he was part of the World’s Biggest Lie.

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