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Malcolm Bobbitt

Rolls-Royce at Derby

Rolls-Royce at Derby

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Since 1908 the names of Derby and Rolls-Royce have been synonymous. For a century, Rolls-Royce has played a vital role in the working life of this Midlands city. This is the story of the factory and the people who worked in it

Malcolm Bobbitt's illustrated history of the company's Derby factories offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes insight into the extraordinary engineering achievements that have earned for Rolls-Royce a worldwide reputation for innovation and excellence.

His book gives a revealing account of the varying fortunes of the company and a detailed view of the production techniques and processes that have evolved over the years.

He also presents an intimate portrait of the local people who have worked at Rolls-Royce, and depended on it for their livelihood, for generations.

About the Author

Malcolm Bobbitt is a technical writer and researcher with a passionate interest in motoring and engineering.

He has published over a dozen books on subjects as diverse as Citroen, Rover, VW and Fiat, and he has made a special study of Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

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