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Alan Foxall and Ray Saunders

Redditch at War

Redditch at War

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From the time of the Civil War - when the town barely existed - to the Luftwaffe bombing raids of World War Two, Redditch has had a long history of conflict. The book offers glimpses of familiar places during periods of intense social upheaval.

In 1794 the Worcestershire Yeomanry was formed, originally with the intention of putting down workers' riots in nearby industrial towns such as Redditch.

The outbreak of War World One was greeted with enthusiasm by the town as a flood of volunteers rushed to join up. Until late 1915, Redditch hosted continuous recruiting meetings and parades.

Chamberlain's declaration of war in 1939 brought an influx of evacuees to Worcestershire and the industrial life of the town changed dramatically. Redditch became a significant contributor to war production as new factories sprang up.

When peace was eventually declared the town celebrated with street parties, carnivals and much rejoicing. Through a fascinating collection of photographs, the authors have created a vivid image of life on the 'home front' during both World Wars.

About the Author

Alan Foxall is a retired BT engineer from Headless Cross and in 1992 was a founder member of the Redditch Pictorial History Society.

Ray Saunders of R & S Antiques, Redditch, is a local businessman, historian and author of several books and articles published on Redditch and the surrounding area.

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