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Eamon Kavanagh

Pride and Passion in Bury. A Lancashire Biography

Pride and Passion in Bury. A Lancashire Biography

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"Pride and Passion in Bury" tells the story of the author's life growing up in a time when things seems simpler, and how being approached as a fifteen year old by Manchester City almost changed the course of his life.

Beginning with life as one of a family of ten, living on a large council estate, the friendships formed, and the many comical events that occurred that still tickle him. Being approached by Manchester City FC, as a fifteen year old school boy.

Eventually having to accept failure, but also going on to enjoy playing the beautiful game in semi-pro and amateur form. Reaching an age when life's dilemmas were asking questions - religion, marriage and health among them.

The book for the most part portrays a lad enjoying life to the full, at a time when life seemed simpler. Like any life portrayed at length it includes some sad times, which also have the effect of making the good times seem better.

There will be many situations you will immediately relate to, leaving you to wonder if you would have taken the same course.

About the Author

Eamon Kavanagh now resides in Bolton. He shares his home with his wife Dawn, his dog Harry and cat Patch. Eamon has two sons and a daughter from a previous marriage. He also has a stepson and daughter and six grandchildren.

He spent his youth in Bury before finding employment at a luggage firm, a toffee factory, and finally spending a quarter of a century as a postie. He now watches his local amateur club Elton Vale FC.

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