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Bristol Evening Post

Post View of Bristol

Post View of Bristol

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Here is the cream of the Evening Post’s archives from the past 100 years, carefully selected to paint a picture of Bristol as seen through the eyes of a century of photographers.

When the Bristol Evening Post first hit the streets in 1932, it inherited the archives of local newspapers which had served the city for decades.

During the decades that have followed, the paper’s top notch photographers have recorded everything that happened in and around the city.

Many of those precious records were stored on fragile glass negatives, a surprising number of which have survived into the era of digital cameras. But few of these images have been seen or reprinted since they were taken – until now.

There are a few familiar images here, but the vast majority will be new to most people. This is a book that will tickle the memories of older readers and give a new insight to younger ones into the city they have inherited.

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