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The Old Mansfield Society

Mansfield - Past in Pictures

Mansfield - Past in Pictures

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Images in this book are drawn from the archives of the Old Mansfield Society, along with contributions from Mansfield Library, Mansfield Museum and Art Gallery, North Notts Newspapers, and the personal selection of Mr F.W. Purdy who recorded over 400 photographs of the rapidly changing face of Mansfield during the early 1970s.

This excellent collection captures individual moments, frozen in time, giving a unique and very personal insight into the heart of this most characterful area of Britain

About the Author

THE OLD MANSFIELD SOCIETY was founded in 1919, and is the second oldest historical society in the county (after the Thoroton Society). The main objectives of the society have remained unchanged since its formation: to encourage and preserve research into Mansfield’s history, and to record the changes in buildings, events, customs and personalities of the town.

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