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John Stedman

People of Portsmouth: The 20th Century in Their Own Words

People of Portsmouth: The 20th Century in Their Own Words

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THIS remarkable, in-depth oral history of the 20th century in Portsmouth offers a fascinating insight into the experience of life during the recent past.

The many voices that have been recorded provide an intimate, authentic portrait of Portsmouth and its people. Chapters focus on the key stages in personal life stories, on childhood, courtship, sex and marriage, family life, old age and death.

Reminiscences of World War Two are especially poignant, but the local impact of other conflicts is remembered as well - the Gulf, the Falklands, Korea, The Great War.

Earning a living plays a principal role in the story. There are first-hand accounts of working conditions and of the various skills and occupations - from knife-grinding and corset-making to aircraft manufacture.

The book also looks back to the entertainments and leisure pursuits of their day, including the seaside, cinemas, cafes, sports, music, dancing, the pub and the coming of television.

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