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Martin Brodetsky

Oxford United : The Complete Record 1893-2009

Oxford United : The Complete Record 1893-2009

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"Oxford United: The Complete Record" is the complete record of the Us since their formation in 1893. Written by Martin Brodetsky, this book is the definitive guide to Oxford United and will be on the wish list of every Us fan.

The story of Oxford United FC, from its beginnings as Headington United in the 19th century to the present day, is covered in fascinating detail.

The full season-by-season record of every first team League and cup game Oxford United have contested since turning professional in 1949 is documented.

In addition, profiles of the club's great players are included as are all the managers, matches to remember, and a history of the grounds played on and the planning problems encountered during the search for a new ground.

Put simply this is a book that provides everything any United fan, and indeed any football fan, would want to know about Oxford United Football Club.

About the Author

Martin Brodetsky is the Oxford United programme editor and official historian. He has been an Oxford fan for over 40 years and has followed them through their ups and, more frequently, downs.

He edits the Rage Online web site ( which is the biggest online statistical resource for United and which gives him the perfect background to write a compendium such as this.

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