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Tony Redding

On the Street Where You Live. Growing up in 1950s London

On the Street Where You Live. Growing up in 1950s London

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Enter the world of the 1950's child. From the corner sweet shop to the playground, to boys pretending to be spitfires and Rin Tin Tin, frozen jubblies and the Ford Popular. Tony Redding brings back a flood of memories as he takes us back to 1950's London.

Why was growing up in the 1950's so different and special? If you are in your early 60's you will know the answers. If you remember cream soda, wagon wheels, snake belts, Rin Tin Tin, Robin Hood and Popeye, this book is for you.

If you were born long after 1960, here is the world of your parents or grandparents, set out in all its 1950s glory: "six of chips", Eddie Cochran, The Shadows, smog, bomb sites, a caning at school, Penny for the guy and British bulldog.

Turn the pages and shift into a time when you could press the 'button B' and get your money back, whiten your teeth with Pepsodent and listen to adults criticising the police for failing to lock up enough teddy boys. Enjoy!

About the Author

Tony Redding is a journalist and international specialist in the media aspects of emergency response. He is the author of two books on WWII, together with an overview of the salvage of merchant ships following fires, explosions and other emergencies.

He has lectured extensively on WWII and is also an enthusiastic amateur archeologist. He is married and lives near Canterbury in Kent.

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